Traba is a SaaS company that helps users discover jobs based on company culture, location, and industry. They also offer resources for improving job search skills such as resume and cover letter writing as well as interview prep and networking.

My Role

As Creative Director, I created and maintained all aspects of the brand. I also owned the entire product user experience, from concept to production.


Help job seekers find and land their perfect role at a Bay Area start-up.

Brand Identity Overview

Searching for a job brings zero joy and can be a very isolating place. Traba’s mission was to bring happiness to this process. I wanted the overall aesthetic to make every visitor smile without sacrificing any credibility as an expert in the job search space. The colors and fonts are meant to be simple and playful without being too childish. The graphics are hand-drawn to add to the playfulness as well as connect to the human element of the brand.

Colors and typography



Homepage designs

Browse and filter companies

Rather than just putting terms into a search box, users can discover new companies by filtering industries, location, job type and culture attributes. My favorite part is that users can see the number of company cards change as they check and uncheck selections within each tab.

Company profiles

I designed and built a template for delivering a large amount of information about a company without creating a sense of being overwhelmed. The trick was also giving each profile a unique look without distracting from the information while also being created by a non-designer.

User signup questionnaire

Part of the signup process involved gathering information from the user that could then be used to find them the companies that fit them best. By having it only be a 5 step process, we were able to gather a lot of differentiating information without an insanely long, drawn out process.


I created a media library for podcasts that discuss all sorts of topics from insider company culture discussions, to how-to’s on resume writing and interviewing.