Nitro Creative

Nitro is a B2B and B2C SaaS company focused on PDF and eSigning workflows, as well as document intelligence. They have offices around the globe and went public on the Australian market in December of 2019.

My Role

As Creative Team Lead, I owned and maintained all aspects of the brand identity, contributed to marketing and product strategies, supported CX (Customer Experience), and directed all internal creative projects.

Marketing and eCommerce website is the main website for Nitro. I directed the design, asset production, and development of all aspects of the website including working with the Director of eCommerce to optimize the checkout experience. I was also a leader in our user testing initiatives and strategy.

Product Pages

Feature Pages

Each feature page header highlights the product itself, with a ribbon detail showing the exact feature. I wanted the rest of the pages to be filled with real use cases so that visitors could easily visualize how they would use this feature in their own workflows.

Solutions Pages

We created several different solutions pages to illustrate how the Nitro Productivity Suite can help businesses in many different ways. These pages were presented as a problem, a solution, and how Nitro is able to follow through with that solution based on industry facts and figures.

Biggest challenge

Businesses vs. individuals

Speaking to two very different customers with a single website experience created a lot of confusion and users often did not get to the right end goal. I led an initiative to create a way for users to self-identify allowing us to direct them to an experience that was optimized for their needs.

Individuals (Consumers) Flow

I created a very simplified experience to highlight the feature set of the product, supported with specific use cases. All flows drove traffic to the cart and trial download pages. After the change, we saw an increase in both trials as well as cart visits which immediately increased online revenue.

Consumer Homepage

I designed this page to give the user a high-level look at what the product does and included the trial signup form at the bottom to simplify the experience. I highlighted the 3 most common features and created animated images to illustrate each of them.

Nitro consumer focused homepage

Business Flow

We worked with our sales team to optimize this experience to better qualify each lead as well as increase the volume of those leads. This experience is focused much more on how Nitro can help improve business as well as give the user more confidence by allowing current customers to be our best spokespeople. After the change, we saw an increase in qualified leads, without a drop in online revenue.

Business Homepage


Increases in purchases and sales inqueries

With these streamlined flows (and the reduction of multiple “primary” CTAs), we saw an uptick in cart visits and online purchases through the consumer focused flow, as well as more sales inqueries through the business focused flow.

A secondary benefit of this change was that we could now use these 2 separate experiences to test more specific messaging to each segment. We now had a foundation to be able to build more customized experiences for each segment.

Sales and Marketing support

My team owned all creative supporting Sales and Marketing intiatives. We created all content in-house which included eBooks, infographics, 1-pagers, event booths, and any other collateral that may be needed.

Content for Marketing Campaigns

Nitro runs quarterly content marketing campaigns. I directed the creation of all of the assets as well as all of the creative to drive these campaigns, both with our in-house team as well as through external vendors.

Content Download

Each content asset had a dedicated landing page so we could track user engagement as well as usually adding a download form. These forms were embeded from Marketo.

Sales Kickoffs

I directed and designed the production of all company-wide sales kickoff assets. I worked with senior sales leadership to establish a theme based on their goals and key focal points for the year. From there, my team and I created all of the assets needed.

Nitrovana – Smells Like Team Spirit

I had this idea based on sales leadership wanting team building to be the main focus. I created the whole event around an album release party.

Each attendee’s nametag was a VIP ticket, which included icebreaker questions (i.e. “Best show you’ve ever been to”) which made a massive impact in bringing together reps from all over the globe.

I turned the schedule into an old school CD case. Inside was an invite to the all company party at the end of the sessions.

Nitro Training Camp – Creating Champions

The goal for this session was to focus on the customer and making them as successful as possible. I pitched the idea of helping the customers “win a championship. We created player cards for 12 featured customers, and where player stats would usually appear, we put the stats of their contracts so reps can use them as a reference.

This kickoff was themed around training camp, including a spring training inspired logo.

The schedule was meant to feel almost like a game day program as well as a stat sheet.

AER Nitro – Acquire. Expand. Retain.

Acquire, expand and retain was already the goal for year coming from sales leadership, so the theme came directly from that. AER Lingus was the main inspiration, so everything else was based around travel. I also built a microsite with the schedule and recordings of past sessions to be used to reference later.

I created an entire airline to be used as the basis for most of the collateral, including boarding passes for nametags.

The schedule was made to look like a passort and included a map of the locations of various different events so out-of-town attendees could have some direction.

Annual hoodie designs

Each year, every employee gets a holiday gift which includes a Nitro hoodie with a custom pop-culture-themed graphic. Each year I would also include a handful of company culture contributors to assist with the concept brainstorming.